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Key Features Nano Ceramic Particles Fills The Scratches And Coats The Parts. Tested by Ducom (A Subsidiary of Ducom Instruments(USA))
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Engine Oil Additive for Cars

Engine Oil Additive, Ceramic Coating, To be Added Just By Removing Oil Cap, Nano Ceramic Particles Fills The Scratches And Coats The Parts, Lasts Upto 20000 Km, Concentrated, 8ml Quantity Injection, For Petrol & diesel Cars,Genarators,Trucks,Boats,Excavators, Suitable For All Types of Engines

Do you want to- Reduce friction in reciprocating parts of car’s Engine? Genuinely wants to increase fuel average, pick-up and engine life of your car? Wants to reduce Engine Noise of your car?

If your answer is NO, then don’t read this further…

Best Nano Ceramic Coating India

ROGER ENGITECH is the best Nano Ceramic Coating for cars in India by Roger Motors. This ceramic Nano coating coats engine surfaces and fills in the microscopic scratches of reciprocating parts. With this coating on the car’s engine, efficiency and performance increases to higher extend. Get the best Nano ceramic coating India online.

Roger Engitech:

ROGER ENGITECH is the Nano ceramic coating for cars which coats engine surfaces and Fills in the Microscopic Scratches of Reciprocating Parts. With this coating on the car’s engine, efficiency and performance increases to higher extend.

Why Roger Engitech (Benefits):

In simple words as we know that BHP = IHP – FHP where IHP is Indicated Horse Power (the actual horse power developed by an engine), BHP is Brake Horse power (Available at flywheel) and FHP is Frictional Horse power (The Horse Power lost in overcoming the friction of reciprocating engine parts like Pistons, valves, camshaft, crankshaft etc.)

It’s a simple logic that to increase BHP in a given engine the FHP must be at its minimum and for that the reciprocating parts has to be as smooth as possible and without scratches. The ROGER ENGITECH coats the frictional surfaces and fills in the microscopic scratches on reciprocating and base parts and helps in reducing friction, which benefiting in increasing pickup, fuel average and engine life.

●      Ceramic Coating of ROGER ENGITECH: A ceramic layer is formed due to combination and diffusion of Nano Ceramic particles with compounds of oil at high combustion and which also regenerates engine surfaces by restoring microscopic scratches of reciprocating parts like Piston, Ring, Cylinder, Valve, Valve Guide, Crankshaft thus reducing FHP & consequently increasing BHP.

●      Increases Engine Compression Pressure and Overall Engine Dynamics: Reduces engine vibration and engine noise, Increases the power and mechanical efficiency of the engine and Decrease in noise level from the engine, gearbox and differential.

●      Protection Against Corrosion and Aggressive Chemicals: Extends operating life of all working parts of engine and hence increases life and efficiency of engine.

●      Increased Efficiency of The Lubrication System: Facilitates cold engine ignition and eliminates dry engine operation especially during winter time when temperature is extremely low.

●      Decreased Exhaust Emission of Toxic Gases: Reduces exhaust smoke, CO and CH exhaust and enhances engine pickup and performance.

●      Eco Friendly without any Adverse Effect: Doesn’t harm Environment and hence reduces pollution.

●      Reduces Working Temperature of The Engine: Reduces oil overconsumption and Fuel consumption and hence increases car mileage.

●      Long Lasting: Effect of ROGER ENGITECHlasts up to 20000 kms even if engine oil is changed.

How It Works (Technicality) :

●      This liquid creates layers of coating on worn-out parts like piston, ring, cylinder bore, valve, valve guides, crankshaft etc. and it reduces friction which results in increased pick up and average of the car.

●      The effect of this coating last for 40,000 kilometers, even though you change the engine oil in between, coating of ROGER ENGITECH remains intact.

●      ROGER ENGITECH creates 20 nanometers coating on the engine parts at very high Combustion Temperatures Resulting in Reduced Tolerance and Filling up Microscopic Scratches, which results in reducing noise, reduces smoke and increases pick up and Average.

How to use this Product (Method):

●      It is very easy to use ROGER ENGITECH. It does not require opening the engine and still reaches to the surface of all worn-out parts.

●      This formula only uses the oil as a medium to get into the engine. It is very soon extracted back out of the oil on the engine wall.

●      The liquid provided in the sachet of ROGER ENGITECH just mixed in your car’s engine oil and it will start working.

●      Even though you change the engine oil, this formula will remain on engine parts’ surfaces for 20,000 kilometers.

●      Thus, don’t wait for the next replacement cycle of car’s engine oil. Mix this super liquid in engine oil now and see the change in performance. It is worth using and value for money. Thousands of users worldwide have used it satisfactorily.

Drive Long & Drive Bindaas !!!


what a product this is, i use in my each cars, tractors, two wheelers, jcbs, and also cars in USA, in regular basis at every 40,000 kms, what a rusult, wow,wow. try once in your car. i give 10 star to this products out of five


I have used ROGER ENGITECH in my Corolla Altis after 57000 km. Engine tuned for a smooth performance, reducing the Engine noise, better mileage, excellent product from the house of Roger.


Superb work on noise reduction of engine. I used 2 packs for my ford fiesta tdci model of 2007 because it clocked approx 1 lakh kms. But overall engine tuned for a smooth performance after dropping engitech.


I have very good experience of use your product. Excellent experience of previous use of same product used twice before I purchased the the sme profuct.productSwipe engine performance liquid


Dear sir, As per suggestion from my friend Mr Rajendra Singh Chauhan who is in Vadodara . Today i purchased and installed two product Enginetech 20 and OC10 in my Hyundai i 10 car which is bifuel. After installation i had drived for 100Km as of now on both petrol and cng as per guidance given by store representative. Yes !! i can say i found difference in sound and smoothness of engine compare to earlier. I will share another feedback after driving car for more km. Thank you Roger Excellent product as of now. Regards Lavkush Tripathi



I have purchased Roger Engitech very first time after positive reviews from others. It's really worth purchase it and used it. Noise of engine become smooth and silent.


From last 4 to 5 years i am using this product of ROGER MOTORS. Its very usefull product. I am using this engitech in my i20 elite from 30,000 kms, today my i20 2,21,000 kms ran. I mix engitech with engine oil every 40,000 kms. its engine is still silent and smoke free. I also suggest this engitech to my friends and relatives. They also using this product regularly.


From last 4 to 5 years i am using this product. This product is very effective product. I have i20 elite. Form 30,000 kms i am using this product till now my i20 2,21,000 kms run. Still its engine is very silent and smoke free. I also suggest my friends and relatives for this product and they also using thi engitech regularly for their car.


I bought this product purely based on other user positive reviews. 1) First thing first, Roger ab guys are quick in responding and professional-- Full marks for that. 2) There was definitely change after adding the liquid after 30 minutes. Then I felt, is this placebo effect. So honestly after 2 weeks, drive is really smooth and response is really too. I need to enjoy my long drive trip soon. I think one can go for this product.


Hi all I m using roger motors products from last 3-4yrs. Very good product but price some kind of high. Performance was excellent.

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