Roger Rapo


To reduce road accidents occurring due to negligent driving to ZERO percent, by implementing innovative systems to educate vehicle owners and drivers about safe driving.

A Committed Voluntary Organisation working for Road Safety & Accident Prevention

With an idea to give back to society, this social initiative, Roger Road Accident Prevention Organization (RRAPO) Charitable Trust, came into existence. Roger group is contributing 2% of its total turnover to this change. Managing Director of Roger Motors, Mr. Kripalsinh Jadeja, who luckily escaped, thrice from severe car crashes; wanted to do something concrete for this cause of accident prevention. In 2014, with a few like minded team members, he established RRAPO Charitable Trust, with an aim to prevent road crashes, by Educating car owners and drivers about technical aspects of vehicles, which are useful in preventing accidents or can minimize the impact of non averted accidents.


Reduce Road Accidents taking place because of drivers’ negligence, by imparting technical and knowledge of driving sensibly.