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Car wraps versus paints (Car Tips)

Why is car wrap better than paint? Car wrapping, also known as a vehicle vinyl wrap, is a practice of completely or partially covering a vehicle’s original paint with a vinyl wrap of a different colour. The finishing also differs; it could be
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BREAK THE MYTH- My car does not need service (Car Tips)

Just like our body needs regular health checkups, so does our car. And like any other machine, it needs it regular services as well. A regular service would make a difference in the car’s smoothness, fuel efficiency and the risk of having somet
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Accidents 101 (raod safety)

Accidents happen when you are least expecting them and though we can never be prepared for its arrival, we can atleast be prepared for its aftermath. Not being aware of what to do only leads to wasting of time and energy on actions that are completel
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Roger Car safety demos - Seatbelt (Safety Tips)

RRAPO- Roger Road Accident Prevention Organization is a non-profit organisation working towards increasing safety on road and preventing accidents since 2014. Their vision is to reduce road accidents taking place because of driver's neglige
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Why You Should Service Your Car Regularly. (Safety Tips)

If one owns a car, it is very important that one gets their car serviced on a regular basis. Most people, however, decide to service their vehicle only when it encounters some major defect or fault. People do not get their car serviced because of
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