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5 Must have car accessories (Car Tips)

When people buy a car, they are faced with various appealing accessories. While some of these accessories could be just waste of money and space, doing nothing of much importance, there are also some accessories that can change a dull and uncomfortab
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Don’t hang things to your rear view mirror. (Car Tips)

Cars are a very essential part of everyone’s life now and people do their best to decorate it accordingly. The decoration is a way of personalising the car and varies from individual to individual. Amongst the many lengths people go to person
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Handle the BLINDSPOT while driving (road safety)

There have been many accidents that are caused because of blind spots, as a result of the driver not being able to see the other vehicle or pedestrian. There is a chance of being able to reduce the chances of this accidents by knowing what blindspots
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Roger car TECHCESSORIES and not Accessories. (Roger)

Roger motors was founded by a scholar automobile engineer who is also a car enthusiast and a racer. The company focuses on both these aspects as they create their products and blends safety and comfort with technology. Roger motors is a company that
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Car wraps versus paints (Car Tips)

Why is car wrap better than paint? Car wrapping, also known as a vehicle vinyl wrap, is a practice of completely or partially covering a vehicle’s original paint with a vinyl wrap of a different colour. The finishing also differs; it could be
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