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Is your car shaky, noisy & unstable on bad roads?

Is your car shaky, noisy & unstable on bad roads? (Safe Driving)

Is your Car shaky, noisy & unstable on bad roads?

We have many clients asking us why their car gets shaky, bent or unstable. Why does it make sounds while driving?

Most of them feel it must be because their car must have become old or in the case of new car owners, they blame the tarmac or the brand of the car. But, what's noteworthy is that this issue has become so common, over 38% of clients experience it all the time.

What could be the reason?

First let us try and understand what the suspension of your car exactly does and why it’s so important.

The Car Suspension is responsible for keeping your car upright and avoiding the damages the underbody of your car could face due to speed breakers or other heighted obstacles on the road. It also keeps you above the water level during your drives to protect the water getting into your car. Furthermore, a proper height could also ensure a better grip on the road while driving and avoid body rollover and a better cornering while driving.

If your Car suspension suffers any damage, your car could become shaky, unruly, unstable and could start making sounds. What’s more, your car ride not only loses its smoothness, it also becomes extremely unsafe. Not to mention the costs of repair and/or replacement could range from Rs. 14,000 - Rs. 1,00,000+ depending on your model, availability of the parts and the service center you choose.

Insurance is helpful provided you have opted for the right add on package, a proper Accident Damage Cover policy may help but the chances of getting a full claim are not always 100 percent or you could have opted for an AMC.

The general solutions could be getting your car serviced regularly, get all the tires rotated every six months, keep track of the oiling and regular service. However, that would still not guarantee absolute protection from this damage.

Keeping this in mind Roger motors came up with an easy cost-effective, long time sure-shot solution.

Our newest product ROGERAB is the #1 hassle-free long-term solution to dodge damages to your car suspension. With it’s unique Patented Unilateral Reinforced Design, elevate or restore your hatchback, sedan & SUV height by 3-6 cms. It’s Easy and Quick Slide deep grove fitting securely latches onto your coil spring, all under 20 minutes. It could be installed by you or either a service center in your city without any cost or opening the spare parts of car suspension. What’s more, if you aren’t satisfied with the outcome, We offer a Replacement warranty of 2 years, against deformation or breakage of ROGERAB Thermoplastic Urethane Buffer and a full buyback on the product under your 21 day demo period.

Get in touch with us today to get a long-term solution to keeping your car suspension running smooth & new.