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Review given by Naveen Balachadran

Naveen Balachadran Verified Purchase


After watching informative video of UK Car program, where they proved, cheapest way to restore cars lost power is by using "Fuel injector cleaners". I previously used STP Product via Amazon. So this time tried Rogers C10, Ordered one and ended up giving to my brother who was heading for 750km trip. After his return he confirmed he noticed boost in power and pickup. I questioned him, should I order again for my car and he confirmed to go ahead. So ordered again for my car this time and I mixed it with 20 litres of diesel. I noticed power gains after 15 kms of drive and car became peppy. This product really works. If you want to maintain your car, please ensure to use Rogers "C10" every 6 months. Even after years of usage, your car will be in great condition.

Naveen Balachadran Verified Purchase


I bought this product purely based on other user positive reviews. 1) First thing first, Roger ab guys are quick in responding and professional-- Full marks for that. 2) There was definitely change after adding the liquid after 30 minutes. Then I felt, is this placebo effect. So honestly after 2 weeks, drive is really smooth and response is really too. I need to enjoy my long drive trip soon. I think one can go for this product.