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Key Features For Spitting Tobbaco in car, Home & Offices hygenic tobacco disposing glass
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Tobacco Dispossing glass

For Spitting Tobbaco in car, Home & Offices hygenic tobacco disposing glass


Car, Home & Offices

A Safe & Hygienic Drive

Hygiene Tobacco Disposing Glass not only increases hygiene and cleanliness in car but also increases the safety of the driver who chews tobacco and try to spit through their windows or opening the doors,so this glass will be very help full in incresing safety of Drivers and co-passenger who spits from the moving car.

Drive Long and Drive Bindaas!!


Very useful in-car spitoon, great help to gutkha/tobacco chewers...


I have taken car accessories from your Ahmedabad Branch For S60 Volvo I have purchased Rogerab Duo, before two years After 2 years I have again purchase the same product for my Mini Cooper S But when I come to know that you have also made one product that is splitting cup which is very useful, it is not only useful for thouse who are chewing tobacco but it also help to clean the city. It is very difficult to change the habits of the person. I really like this product because you think of the society and the cleanliness of the society I am thankful to you for making this product I have gifted this product to my friends who r chewing tobacco. Thanks for making such innovative products, if such new other products you innovate pls. let me know, if I can also help in improving society. Thanks & Regards SHAILESH KARMAKAR


Really very useful product for us tobacco/gutka chewing folks. No more stopping and spitting, especially at red lights and having people behind go ughhh....Kudos to Roger Motors for coming up with this solution!


Dear kripalsinh, This is second time I am writing to you, your spit mug, is excellent product, I brought it from Baroda highway, I was traveling abroad recently and it helps alot to me in airplane as well as travel in pack vehicle, we was d group of kathiyavadi's and some of them including me are in habit of chewing tobacco, we all really taken perfect use of the product and we are happy not spit here and there, it wl helps in cleaning part as well as our mind sets. Thanks alot for creating such a wonderful product.. Thanks to Roger team

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