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Key Features Spray Perfume, Waterbased, Longlasting, Unique Mild Fragrance
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 Car Air Freshener

Spray Perfume, Waterbased, Longlasting, Spray On Dangler, Unique Mild Fragrance

Do you get tired and bored on reaching your destination on long road trips?

If your answer is NO, then don’t read this further…

Roger DRIVELONG Car Air Freshener is a unique compact air-freshener, specially designed for use with the absorbing dangler. It is a simple spray bottle. You just must spray on the dangler and its fragrances remains for a very long time. DRIVELONG MEDULLA is the Best Car Air Freshener in India from Roger Motors.

Roger DRIVELONG Car Air Freshener:              

Roger DRIVELONG Car Air Freshener really do wonders for your car; it can turn a long, boring drive into a relaxing time behind the wheel with only the fresh aroma filling your sense of smell. You are sure to have a good time listening to your stereo or just plainly enjoying the silence on the road, but Roger DRIVELONG Car Air Freshener is one of the best things you can get to refurbish and personalize your car. Even after drive long distance, you can feel refreshed on reaching your destination.

Why Roger DRIVELONG Car Air Freshener (Benefits):

The main goal here is to find the best car air freshener that would suit you and your tastes the most and keep you refreshed on long drives, thus Roger DRIVELONG Car Air Freshener will be the perfect choice.

Alcohol Free: Make it less irritating.

Customize Use: Like other perfumes, this perfume will not lose its fragrance even it is not in use for a long time. You can use it according to your need.

Refreshing: It keeps the atmosphere refreshing and thus maintains cheerful mood on long drives.

Universal Aroma: Due to its mild aroma, everybody likes its fragrance.

Nature Based Ingredients

How It Works (Technicality):

It is the finest quality fragrances made from real liquid perfume, which can be diffused or sprayed on an absorbent dangler Provided Along with DRIVELONG Car Air Freshener, that will continuously release the fragrance in its surrounding. It can be also sprayed in your car’s ventilation system to enhance your journey.

If you are a cigarette smoker, eat inside your car, or have pets like dogs accompany you in your car on a regular basis, then there’s a good chance your vehicle can smell bad or unpleasant. Roger DRIVELONG Car Air Freshener is so versatile that it is now well suited for use in your house and even in your workplace.

How to Use This Product (Method):

Roger DRIVELONG Car Air Freshener is a unique compact air-freshener, specially designed for use with the absorbing dangler. It is a simple spray bottle. You just must spray on the dangler and its fragrance remains for a very long time. You can re-spray it whenever the fragrance subsides. You can use this spray as a freshener in your house or office too.

Now, any car user can easily purchase Roger DRIVELONG Car Air Freshener online through the Roger Techssories website and from Roger’s retail outlet. So, what are you waiting for purchase this super cool product and make your long drives refreshing.

Drive Long and Drive Bindaas!!


hi Roger.... Well superb car perfume. Love it.i try lots different car perfume.But yrs superb. Thx for making my trip best.


Fantastic product


Very good perfume. Fragrance stays for long time.if any one wants authentic car perfume this is the best pick.


Hi, I'm using your ROGER DRIVELONG MEDULLA is too good. I'm using it so desperately. Even i kept in stock because sometimes i forget to order on time. Your products are too good. Your suspension protector is still protecting my suspension. Thanks, DILIP


This is 4 time I am buying this product.The fragrance of this perfume is so amazing that who so ever is sitting inside the car gets immediately connect and enjoy the ride ...I have recommended this to many of my friends and they are also using it regularly.


Excellent product.. Highly recommended.. Thanks for such a wonderful product..


Dear Sir, I am regular customer of Roger. Allow me to thank you for all your service. Really appreciate. Your products are superb and it carries quality. Thank you again. Himanshu Patel


Itz nice product & smell is awesome



Nice fragrance


Good Product. One spray Perfume stays longer period than expected. No need to spray frequently.

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