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Warranty Period 7 Months


Back, Neck, & Shoulder Comforter

Synthetic Leather, Multi Support seat Cover, Universal, Elegant Look, Supports Neck, Upper & Lower Back, Shoulders & Thighs, Beige Color

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Do you know why during a long journey you feel tired? It is because your car seat does not have a proper support for your arms, back and neck.

Introducting Roger Cushport to comfort your Back, neck & shoulders

3D seat cover can not only meet the psychology of fashion, but also the comfort and safety requirements. The reasonable collaboration of beige and black and the dynamic fashion styling can give you visual enjoyment.

CUSHPORT 3D Seat Cover:

When you drive for long hours, you will have some kind of annoying, uncomfortable feeling in your lower back, shoulder and in the neck. Moreover, in the absence of proper air circulation beneath your back, you will also get sweaty and tired. To avoid such condition you need specially designed Seat Cover, which gives proper support to arms, back and neck. With an aim to increase comfort and safety of car users, Roger Techssories recommending a product ‘CUSHPORT 3D Seat Covers’ which is the perfect solution to all those problems.

Why Roger CUSHPORT Seat Cover (Benefits):

  • Provides Lumber Support: It gives support to your back so that your spinal column receives a lesser burden and you feel less tired.
  • Comes with Side Support: CUSHPORT Seat Cover provides support to  the arms. It also gives support  to arms and body while taking sharp turns.
  • Adjustable Headrest: Headrest is integral with the CUSHPORT seat cover so it will give support to the neck and reduces fatigue of the journey.
  • Universal Seat Cover: CUSHPORT seat covers are of universal size, so you can use it easily in all of your cars.
  • Easy to Fit: It is very easy to install. You can do it yourself easily.
  • Warrantee on Stitches: Roger gives you Seven Months Warrantee on its stitches.
  • Sporty Design: With its sporty looks, interior of the car looks more attractive with CUSHPORT seat covers.

How It Works (Technicality):

  • This product has design specially to give comfort to the back, neck and arms.
  • Its special design allows for a dynamic, ergonomically sound seated position.
  • It provides consistent support, through changes in posture in the seated position.
  • Integrated headrest with flexibility for adjustment makes this product unique.

How to use this Product (Method):

  • CUSHPORT Seat Covers are the perfect answer to travelling the fatigue problem. It is very easy to install it. It is of universal size so ideal for all types of car seats.
  • CUSHPORT Seat Cover gives you ultimate driving comfort, which increase concentration and increases driving safety.
  • Order this comfort product online and you will get delivery at your doorstep.

Drive Long and Drive Bindaas!!


Comfortable during driving seating and neck support. After driving for some time will get for another car also


I have used your seat cover in my new car and felt amazing experience.


Hi this is Sathish... I have seen your product CUSHPORT on YouTube video later I have seen reviews of that product... After a long research I have ordered the product.. But I felt some disappointment on delivery because I got the product by more than 3 weeks.. But the product was fully satisfied.. After installing CUSHPORT I went for long journey of 345 kms I didn't get any back pain.. Now I suggest this product to my uncle he have placed an order... Later I'll suggest this product for my friends & relatives... Finally the product was extremely very very good totally I got relief from my back pain... Thanks a lot to Roger groups for making this useful product... And I'm interested in many other products also from u guys one by one I'm going to buy it...


Received the item ordered in a very good condition. Thanks for getting such a product in market. It makes driving a pleasure and long distance driving has become comfortable for me. I used to have back pain while driving for long distances but this product has helped me a lot. Hope to see some more products like this.


Loved the Car seat covers and the suspension inserts. Made my drive comfortable and pleasurable. 


I am very thankful to you and roger car tech for making awesome seat cover for us. Past few month i am suffering from back pain and i am not able to drive my car so i am looking for something that help me to resolve my problem and i got your product and i am now happy to drive my car.  Finally i got what i want..



i like all products of roger...i purchase seat cover for back pain its very useful… for existing customer give best discount…


Excellent seat cover with lumber support which helps to reduce discomfort of long journey. Electric air pump is very important equipment and will relieve stress in case of tyre puncture or air leak at odd hours on sumsam road. Will do it's job in just 3 minutes to make pressure from 0 to 32 psig.


Nice products camfartebal sitting thank you roger


Back Pain is a such a problem that it is same for poor or rich Even Mukesh Ambani or Donald Trump can not purchase the medicines for this pain But let me congratulate your company for a such a beautiful car seat which had designed to give releive in back pain I am very happy to buy your wonderful product In fact I am interested in another product also which can give better life to my car jumper But it is very costly (7500) Hope for a better human service Dilipsinh jhala