Key Features Body Cleaning Brush, Cotton Bristles, Long Handle
Warranty Period 6 Months
Category Convenience

₹ 720.00

Wax Coated Car Cleaner

Body Cleaning Brush, Cotton Bristles, Coated With Wax, Long Handle To Clean Roof Tops, Cleans And Polishes The Paint Surface, Longlasting

Cleaning Your Car & Polishing Too    

CARSTER is the poly cleaning brush for a car. Buy the best poly cleaning brush for a car online.


“First impression is the last impression” and the very first impression comes from the exterior of your car, but just imagine yourself coming out of a shabby, dusty, and unclean car!!

To avoid such situation, Roger presents, CARSTER, the poly cleaning brush for car, which is meant for regular cleaning, polishing and keeps your car body fresh and new like Ex-showroomcondition, anywhere and anytime and the most important, you can do it yourself in just 3-4 minutes without getting a dirty spot even on your Armani suite (of course, if you have one)


A dirt free & clean car is a sign of careful care of your car and says a lot about one’s personality. A glittering and clean car is a status symbol in this progressive world.  Whether you are driving a Mercedes or Maruti, it matters most that which car is cleaner for the onlookers. Thus, keeping the car exterior clean is as important as your own personality.

●      CARSTER is the best poly cleaning brush for car online utilized for cleaning the car exterior within minutes and simultaneously polishing it too.

●      This poly cleaning brush for car saves water by reducing vehicle washing frequency.

●      CARSTER applies plush cotton strands gently lift and trap dust and pollen from your vehicle. This doesn’t just move dust, but it removes it.

●      It will give your car that “Just Washed” looks in no time. This product is completely safe for use on all auto finishes.

●      With CARSTER, windscreen glass can be easily cleaned without any scratches on it.

●      CARSTER cleans the dust and polishes the body paint also due to its poly coated threads which are coated with dry wax.

●      It is washable and reusable for years.

●      It is light in weight so that anybody can clean the car with ease.

●      Roger brings you poly cleaning brush for car in very exciting prizes.

How It Works:

●      It has a long plastic handle for cleaning the vehicle top easily

●      It is made from specially treated cotton strands which will lift the dust, without scratching the paint

●      It has poly coated threads which are coated with dry wax that polishes the body

●      Poly-clean cotton generates positive ions, as a result of which a lesser amount of dust is attracted by the car

How to Use & Maintain this Product:

●      This product is very easy to use. Just brush it on the surface and in no time it will lift all the dust so that while cleaning, your clothes will also not get dirty.

●      Its maintenance is also very easy. CARSTER is washable and reusable, so washes it with cold water, and recommended to wash only when it gets very dirty.

●      Do not use this duster on a wet surface.

●      To maintain it properly, shake the duster well before and after cleaning the car.

●      Always keep the Duster in its bag when not in use, so it will be protected well for a long time.

●      When Duster stops picking dust, just wash it with mild detergent provided with duster in coldwater & dry it naturally in the air.

●      Its threads are stitched in such a way that threads don't get uprooted at the time of cleaning.


Wash the duster only and only when it totally stops picking up the dust and please do remember that washing will reduce the dust picking efficiency of duster.

Drive Long and Drive Bindaas!!


Nice product clean car immediately in proper way. Car looks like washed.


Dear sir I have purchased one car duster of roger for my car and am extremely happy with the product it's best I have ever purchased and it cleans my car extremely good it cleans the dust perfectly without any static charge. I have also ordered one for my daughter car and was told that I would receive at my residence in 3/4 days but still not received i have already made full payment request you to please look into Thanks and regards Bashir Nizami


Best product, I cleaned my car faster then commited time !! Less effort, more clean, more color/surface protection. 100 % go for it.


Very good product. Performance is also good. I would suggest to go with this product.


I am a regular customer of your super successful products.I have been a fan of your products.They are really really good.Sun shades are extraordinary.I have used your vacuum cleaner. Car pounch, car dusters, air ventilated seat covers and many other small products like phone stand, water container, etc....Today I got suspension savers fixed in my car. Each n every product has given me comfort and they r useful. I had one petty small demand from you. The music CDs we get from Rogers are nowadays unuseful for those who have new cars. Because in many new cars they do not provide cd slots. And the songs Rogers choose are also good. We get fun listening to yr collection of songs as well, including yr roger car accessories vaali jingle...So now you should switch to pen drive ... so that we can play it in new cars also.


Hi Hope you to be fine. Your all products are exclusive but caster dust remover and cleaner product is easy and extraordinary for cleaning and polishing without scratching i like very much and recommend to all who is in touch with me.


Your product is good and Very well clean my car and also a vacuum cleaner is Very good.


I have purchased Roger duster from your Rajkot Showroom. Your product is very useful and unique.Excellent Product and Value for money.


Roger carster is very very best useful product of my car cleaning.

On my second visit to Rogers Showroom - i saw this product. Roger Carster - Car Cleaning Duster - Rightly mentioned on Company's website - First impression is the last impression. Every car owner is worried on dust getting accumulated on your car, more pain in cleaning the same. You end up getting dirt on your clothes especially while cleaning the roof of the car.But this product from ROGERS solves all this concerns of a car owner. Cleaning was never a fun before this. PROS: It comes with a long plastic handle, easily wipes out all dust on your car in 2/3 minutes and you will think it is better than washing, since your car Shines post cleaning due to cotton bristles which is coated with wax. It not only cleans but also polishes the paint surface. No scratches on your windscreen glass which typically is a case with other dusters. Light weight and easy to use. Definitely worth every rupee spent. Cons : Can't use on wet Surface Overall Must buy for every car. Keep up Good work Rogers and thanks for solving our pain areas.

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