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What To Do After An Accident Takes Place?

What To Do After An Accident Takes Place? (Safety Tips)

Car Accidents in India – Steps to remember

Car accidents are a misfortune which can strike anyone. Even if one drives carefully and follows all traffic rules, accidents still can happen. Some of the reasons for accidents can be negligent drivers, potholes on the roads, stray animals, careless pedestrians, etc. If an accident takes place, here is what you should be doing.

  • The first thing to do is step back and assess the situation carefully. Injuries must be checked for and if required, an ambulance should be called immediately. Check on children first and then assess everyone else. Remember, everything else can be taken care of later.

  • Park your car on the side of the road to avoid blocking the road. If someone else is also involved in the accident, make sure they have called for medical help too.

  • If you want to report a case, make sure you click pictures - the model of the other vehicle, registration number, damage caused to the vehicles, the location of accidents, etc. Make sure to get eyewitness reports also.

  • File a report as soon as possible if the case isn't solved mutually.

  • At last, contact your insurance company and discuss the incident with them.

Some points that must be always remembered are –

  • Drinking and driving is prohibited. It endangers multiple lives and should never be done.

  • Driving without a license makes you the offender, no matter what.

  • Do not resort to beating up someone.

  • Never drive away from the scene of the accident

  • Keep medical kit and emergency numbers handy in your car.

Even if you are not the one involved in the accident, some of these steps could always be taken as a passerby. You should stop over and help with whatever you can – by at least calling the authorities or the medical assistance.

Drive Safe, Drive Bindass.