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Roger car TECHCESSORIES and not Accessories.

Roger car TECHCESSORIES and not Accessories. (Roger)

Roger motors was founded by a scholar automobile engineer who is also a car enthusiast and a racer. The company focuses on both these aspects as they create their products and blends safety and comfort with technology. Roger motors is a company that bridges the gap between making safety products and providing comfort to the customer. All their products use science as a base gain better results and increase the efficiency of the products, of the car and make things more convenient for the customer. The company tries to solve basic and commonly faced problems by car users and does it in a way that these accessories not only look good, but are incredibly efficient and convenient to use. Their products are more than just accessories for a car. The technicality behind the products makes it TECHCESSORIES.

Roger Motors takes care of all the aspects of possible problems that can be faced by the driver. From visibility issues due to rain, dirty glass or due to the headlights of the car coming from the other direction, Roger motors have come up with products to solve the issue.

There are products to make long drives more comfortable and also products that ensure that the driver stays alert while driving, products that improve the mileage of car and also products that makes it convenient to keep the electronic devices charged. And all these products, may it for safety or convenience, are all created with technology and not merely to make the car look good but to provide genuine solutions to the problems.

For instance, Roger Verter, an inverter that is useful in charging the laptop, phones or camera, reverses the basic rectification process, i.e., converts DC to AC. (The device that converts DC to AC is known as an inverter.) As most car batteries provide DC, and most electronic devices work on AC power, this device converts the provided DC to current that is supported by usual electronic device and allowing the consumer to charge their phones, cameras and laptops while on the go.

Caronizer is yet another great example of how Roger motors bind technology to provide a safer and comfortable driving experience to the customer. This product is a biological anion generator that purifies air and when we all are living in a world full of pollution, products like these are our protectors against pollutants when we drive. Positive ions are not good for health while Anions, negative ions are good for our health. In many surveys on this topic, it has been found that due to any vehicle's operation, positive ions are generated that creates lapses in the concentration of drivers and resulting in various accidents. Caronizer ensures the consumer receives purified air, free of dust and pollen and full of anions that helps them concentrate and thus keeps them safe from accidents due to lack of concentration while they drive.

Products like Roger Spinoport, Cushport and Cusharm are made with keeping in mind the anatomy of the driver or the user and using this knowledge, they make products more convenient and thus the drive more comfortable for the consumer.

Just like these products, all the other products are a perfect mixture of style and technology, providing the customer with confidence to Drive Long and Drive Bindaas!!!