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Prepare Your Car for Monsoons

Prepare Your Car for Monsoons (Drive Bindaas)

Don’t we all love to go out on a drive when the weather is beautiful? Especially when it’s cloudy and breezy. We also don’t mind if it’s drizzling a bit. Driving in the rain is fun. But let’s not forget it’s risky too. We need to be extremely careful of slippery roads, impaired vision, and waterlogged roads. Driving in the rain on the roads is difficult. But to drive in the rains on highways is a completely different ball game. I’m sure we’ve heard of numerous accidents happening in the rain because of slippery roads and potholes. With this blog, I will attempt to make you aware of how potholes are dangerous and how to take care of them by driving defensively.

We never know where a pothole could pop up (or pop down) when once it starts raining heavily; our roads get filled with water which does not allow us to see what’s on the road. Hence, we should always keep our line of sight at least 50-75 meters in front of us. We should also vigilantly keep a lookout for the car moving in front of us to see where its dodging or panic braking for potholes. Since it is raining, we must remember to keep more than the normal distance from the car/vehicle in front to avoid a collision with it. While it’s raining, make sure to blow your horn properly while overtaking other vehicles otherwise there may be a chance that the vehicle will maneuver suddenly to avoid a pothole and will collide with your car when you are overtaking it.

As mentioned earlier, you need to keep looking 50-75 meters ahead of us for probable potholes so that you can steer our vehicle or gradually slow down to avoid the pothole. Never ever brake suddenly on encountering an unseen pothole that is small, because there are chances that someone will be right behind you and will collide with you. Small potholes do not hamper the suspension or tyres much but the rear collision can become fatal, especially if the vehicle behind is speeding.

Never ever steer your car suddenly to avoid a pothole. There might be a chance that someone could be overtaking you and this could lead to an accident. So, the best way to drive defensively for potholes is to look little ahead, drive with a speed suitable for the rains and never panic brake or drift to avoid potholes and simultaneously keeping an eye on the vehicle going in front and not tailgating it.

Drive Safe.. Drive Bindaas