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Handle the BLINDSPOT while driving

Handle the BLINDSPOT while driving (road safety)

There have been many accidents that are caused because of blind spots, as a result of the driver not being able to see the other vehicle or pedestrian. There is a chance of being able to reduce the chances of this accidents by knowing what blindspots are and how can you avoid being completely blind to these spots.

A blindspot is an area that is immediately surrounding your vehicle that cannot be observed by the driver. These spots can’t be seen in the rear view mirror or side mirror and thus it is hard to spot if there is a vehicle in these areas. These areas, as they are out of the driver’s field of vision, makes driving hard especially when changing lanes or taking turns. These blindspots hide anything like other cars, bikes, pedestrians or other barriers. These areas are usually located on both side of your vehicle, at the back.
Blindspots could be really dangerous when the driver is required to manually check these spots by turning their head in the needed direction or by looking over their shoulder which would result in them having to divert their focus from the road in front. There are steps that can be followed to reduce such risks.

The first thing to be noted is to keep the rear of your vehicle empty enough that it doesn’t cause hindrance when you are trying to look behind.
Secondly, before driving, adjust all your mirrors correctly based on your personal individual choice. Though doing this would not provide you with a full field of vision, it would atleast minimize the area your blindspots cover so as to not completely miss the presence of an entire vehicle or pedestrian.

For adjusting your mirrors, start with rear view mirrors and make sure that it gives you the maximum range of view. Then shift to side mirrors, lean to the left when adjusting your left mirror and to the right when adjusting the right one. When adjusting the side mirrors, make sure that after leaning on the side of your mirrors, you see the side of your own car.

Another thing to about blindspots is to be completely aware of your own blindspots and knowing that other drivers face such blindspots as well. While driving, you must avoid driving in other people’s vehicle. It can either be done driving ahead of them or staying a little further behind so the driver can clearly see you in their line of sight.

If a blindspot is becoming a very major issue, there are devices available in the market that can be used.

Blindspot monitoring system is one such device, it uses sensors or cameras to detect the presence of something in your blindspot.

Blindspot mirrors are another device that can be used. It is convex mirror that sticks to your side view mirror and broadens your range of view.
Completely eliminating blind spots are usually impossible but one can make sure to be extra careful and drive safely while trying their best to get a proper knowledge of what is behind or on the sides without losing focus on the main road.