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Don’t hang things to your rear view mirror.

Don’t hang things to your rear view mirror. (Car Tips)

Cars are a very essential part of everyone’s life now and people do their best to decorate it accordingly. The decoration is a way of personalising the car and varies from individual to individual.
Amongst the many lengths people go to personalise their car, the most common one is hanging objects from the rear view mirror and it has almost become a social norm. Though it might look fancy, hanging stuff should be avoided and these are the reasons why:

  • It distracts and obstructs.

The rear view mirror is at the exact centre of the windshield and the sole reason they are present is to provide the driver with the rear view. But hanging things on the rear view mirror could be an obstruction, blocking your view out of the windshield and thus making it a safety hazard. It also causes distraction as the hanging objects sway from side to side while the car moves forward. So hanging objects increases the risk of getting into an accident.

  • It causes damage.

The rear view mirror is created for one and only function that is of increasing the range of view for the driver. And it is attached directly to the windshield with simply heavy duty glue. Though this might be strong enough to keep the mirror in place under normal circumstances, added pressure of the objects might damage the mirror and might even cause its complete separation from wherever it is attached.

But you must not worry for long, because there might be some alternative that could be used.

Usually in India, people tend to hang religious objects on the rear view mirror, it could be a garland or a holy cloth or it could even be one of the many Hindu idols. The other things what people are used to hanging on the rear view mirror are dice, dream catcher, air freshener etc.

Most of the time, the objects doesn’t really keeps any other importance than simply being a material of decoration and would not make any major difference if it isn’t present in the front of the car. But when it comes to religious belief, it becomes a compulsion to keep an idol of a God inside the car or anything else that is remotely holy, but it doesn’t need to be on the rear view mirror and could be kept on the dashboard. Even the air fresheners could be easily kept on the dashboard.

But apart from that, there are many decorative materials found that are made especially for the dashboard and could result in better way of personalising your car with more varied options to choose from. So when you plan to decorate and personalise your car, look for options that could be kept on the dashboard or some other location and for your own safety, avoid hanging objects to the rear view mirror. It is more a safety hazard than a fashionable accessory so set your priorities straight.