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Car wraps versus paints

Car wraps versus paints (Car Tips)

Why is car wrap better than paint?
Car wrapping, also known as a vehicle vinyl wrap, is a practice of completely or partially covering a vehicle’s original paint with a vinyl wrap of a different colour. The finishing also differs; it could be gloss, matte or simply a protective layer.
Keeping a perfect exterior of a car is important for making a flawless first impression and for the exterior to endure the onslaught of the pollution around, the sun and dirt, makes it hard for the car to have a fresh-from-the-showroom all the time. So what makes car wrapping a better option for the car than paint?

The time taken to repaint the car varies from paint to paint, it could be from few days to a few weeks but it usually takes more time than car wrapping does. When you are repainting your car, it atleast takes a week before you can drive your car again and before repainting, you have to keep the timings in consideration. Car wrapping takes a much lesser time; they will wash the exterior, place the wrap over the vehicle and then apply heat to activate the adhesive. This usually takes no more than three days.

Repainting a car is permanent and there is no going back. But Car wrap is a safer option as it is completely removable and moreover, it does not cause damage to the paint underneath and will protect it until the wrap is removed.

The durability of a paint job would vary from paint to paint and the quality that is used. Though a good paint job might even last a lifetime but not without basic damages that could be caused by UV rays, by scratching or other common and small accidents.
While a car wrap, as long as is kept, would protect the original skin of the car and its duration depends on its location and its direction and it could last from 2 years to 10 years.

Repainted cars usually require lot of attention and maintenance for it to keep looking shiny and bright. It is completely necessary for washing the car regularly. But wrapped car requires a lot less amount of maintenance and would simply need a cloth for wiping of the dirt that would keep the car look fresh, shiny and new.

Though repaint allows customized result, but the customization is limited to your choice of colour. But wrapping the car allows you to not only choose the colour but also be able to choose the finishing. You have the option of matte finish, or metallic finish or even a textured finish. If you are planning to customize your car, car wrap is exactly the right choice.

If you remove the wrapping before selling the car,the paint beneath will be scratch less and fresh as the showroom condition which will enhance the resale value of your car

If you are someone who is used to constantly changing your decision or get bored from one single choice, if you want your car back as soon as possible and if you are looking for something that would not only provide you with your wanted customized look but would also protect the original paint of your car, car wrap is the exact thing you need to choose.