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BREAK THE MYTH- My car does not need service

BREAK THE MYTH- My car does not need service (Car Tips)

Just like our body needs regular health checkups, so does our car. And like any other machine, it needs it regular services as well. A regular service would make a difference in the car’s smoothness, fuel efficiency and the risk of having something damaged go unnoticed till it is beyond repair. People tend to avoid having their cars undergo regular service and in that they let the minor damages of the car go unnoticed and those damages only go on increasing and can end up costing tons for a major repair or replacement.
Break the myth now and know your car DOES need regular service and here’s why...
Maintains the value of your vehicle:
The difference between a well maintained car and a one that has been neglected for too long and this difference is clearly made due the duration gap of getting your car serviced. And it is hardly anyone’s intention to keep the same car for the rest of their life and to anyone who plans to sell their car in the future, maintaining the value of your car plays a very important role.
Servicing saves money:
You might wonder how would giving money to get your car serviced could result in you saving Money. Have you heard or read the idiom: A stitch at time saves nine? Just like that.
Now think about it, if the problems are discovered and diagnosed at the very beginning wouldn’t it take a lot less time and quite less money compared to it being found way later and with ten times more damage? Irregular servicing or no servicing is only going to increase the amount you would need to put in your car over time. So, breaking the myth, servicing is exactly what is needed if you are planning to save money in the longer run.

Servicing saves you time.
Again, you must be wondering, how? Well, usually when you are planning to give your car for servicing, you get to choose the timing and find yourself an alternative way of travelling. But if you don’t get your car serviced regularly, it might break down and it would definitely not be based on your schedule and you might be too late to some important work of yours. Atleast in servicing you get to keep your schedule in mind. And plus after it has broken down, it would take a long duration to be repaired and thus causing a longer inconvenience than servicing would have. So, for the sake of your important schedule, think wisely.

Increases safety:
Servicing would result in any flaw or damage in the car be noted, found and repaired on time and you wouldn’t have to be driving down a path someday to notice that your breaks are not that efficient anymore or that your steering wheels are a little difficult to turn. Servicing would help seize the problem right on time and it would save you from a fatal accident as even the minor maintenance technicalities will play a major role in either or not detouring collisions at high speed.
So break the myth that servicing is a waste of time and a waste of money and does nothing significant for your car because in the end, servicing is the only thing you could do to increase the life and safety of your car.