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Accidents 101

Accidents 101 (raod safety)

Accidents happen when you are least expecting them and though we can never be prepared for its arrival, we can atleast be prepared for its aftermath. Not being aware of what to do only leads to wasting of time and energy on actions that are completely useless.

There are certain things that can be done to minimize the consequences. Keep reading to know all there is to know about what could be done.

  1. STOP: If you are involved in the accident, you must stop even if you are not injured. Even if the accident is a minor one, it is your legal obligation to stop.
  2. CHECK yourself and the passengers of your vehicle and also that of the other vehicle for any injuries and do not wait to call the ambulance if injury is suspected.
  3. SAFETY: If your injury allows you to move, get yourself to a safer location, maybe away from the other cars or from the main road. Try to do the same for others involved in the accident.
  4. STAY CALM and try to not panic because all panic ever does is worsen a situation. Try to keep a cool head even if your car is badly injured or if someone is severely injured.
  5. SERIOUSLY INJURED people should be not moved much and one should use the first aid kit available in all vehicles to try to stop bleeding, if blood is involved.
  6. Call the police and inform them about the accident if the accident is a major one and could lead to dispute between the groups involved in the accident. Keep all the information about the accident and people involved which may help when the dispute goes to a higher authority to be solved or could be helpful for your insurance procedures.

In case of an a severe injury, every minute counts and though one might have called the ambulance, losing any time at all could be a fatal risk. So what to do in case you are faced with such a situation.

  1. Keep the injured as still as possible.
  2. Do not overwhelm the injured by crowding up on them and converse only when necessary.
  3. Treat the injury only when it is severe and by treat, only try to minimize the further damage, i.e., only try to stop the bleeding and provide support to any part needed. Doing anything more when not experienced could result into more damage than help.
  4. Comfort the victim and give them reassurance that medical help is on its way.

How the injury turns out to be is not in your hand but you could atleast protect from further damage and wait for the medical team to arrive and do their work.

Accidents usually lead to dispute or injuries or both, but remember that your injuries or other person’s injury is more important than the injuries of your car or theirs. So know when to get involved in the dispute and when to take care of your injuries.