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5 Must have car accessories

5 Must have car accessories (Car Tips)

When people buy a car, they are faced with various appealing accessories. While some of these accessories could be just waste of money and space, doing nothing of much importance, there are also some accessories that can change a dull and uncomfortable ride into a pleasurable and comfortable ride. This list includes the ultimate five must have accessories for a car.
Phone has become the most important object that people possess. They take it everywhere and it’s almost impossible to survive without it. Having a car charger ensures that you don’t ever have to worry about having your phone die on you when you are driving late or driving long. Roger’s rapid charger is the best USB car charger for charging your smartphones and tablets. Roger also provides another product called Rogerverter that can charge not only charge phones but also laptops.
2. Back and head support products
Long drives can result in aching muscles that is bound to cause discomfort. Such products that provide comfort all through your long drive is a must as it ensures that by the time you reach your destination, you are not all tired and exhausted with the uncomfortable long drive you had. Headrest, a product provided by Rogermotors, ensures that you have a well rested neck, head and shoulders all through your drive. Spinoport is another product provided by Rogermotors that relieves and also prevents back pain and discomfort. Spinoport is the best product to provide support for your back and spine as you wait to reach your destination.
3. Car air freshener
Air freshener not only replaces the unpleasant smell in the car but it also gives a freshened boost to the mood inside the car. A car freshener not only ensures that the car is no stinkier, but it also enlightens the mood of the car, it turns any dull car ride into a relaxing drive. Rogermotors provide drivelong medulla and drivelong neuro, both of which are long lasting, has a strong unique fragrance and are waterbased.
4. Mobile holder
Using a phone while driving could be extremely dangerous but sometimes it is necessary, for example while using GPS for reaching your destination or being guided by someone on the call, using a phone becomes essential. Mobile holder ensures that safety isn’t jeopardized and you don’t have to constantly stop your car to look at your phone. Rogermotors also provides a mobile holder and this product is called Norma mobile holder which comes with a unique slider grip and a clamp that can rotate 360 degrees. Rogermotors also provides Roger mobileo that fits in the CD player slot.
5. Shades
Whether you are only going for a short drive in the city or you are going for a long one outside the city, the UV rays from the sun can not only be harmful but it also makes the ride very unpleasant and uncomfortable. Sunshades are exactly what you need to ensure that the sun doesn’t come in between you and the fun of going for a drive. Rogermotors provide sunshades by the name Roger Heatout that comes in pair, is easy to stick, universal and protects from UV rays and IR and also from the heat.
The difference between a comfortable enjoyable ride and a dull, awfully exhausting ride could be made by the accessories you carry with you. For any drive to be comfortable and enjoyable, these are the five must have accessories for any car.
All the products mentioned in this article are all available online on the website of Rogermotors or at any physical shop of Rogermotors.