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Review given by Gaurav Singh Chauhan

Gaurav Singh Chauhan


Dear RogerMotors I came across your store  a few months back unfortunately I didn't had much time to visit and go through store and browse the varieties of product you offer back then but recently having some good fortune  i came across at HFM and was pleased to the ambience of the store  and hospitality of  the staff but what interests me more is the well being  of my car as I am a CAR LOVER and a keeper , I  keep on hunting products or accessories wherever i go  my car, and  to be honest i didnt trust  the products at first as just many  try to sell it for the sake of making quick buck and whatever the attendent described to me for the same.  But  after going through window shopping I bought the ROGER ENGITECH (PLATINUM CERAMIC COATING FOR ENGINE) for my car as well as for my bike and few others things to my surprise it worked  instantly maybe that was a placebo but a few days back i took my car out again for a drive a found a NOTICEABLE change in the acceleration of my car ,smoother engine ,knock free gear shifting and much more ultimately now my car goes like a bullet, THE PRODUCT LITERALLY WORKS, I AM NO DOUBT SATISFIED WITH PRODUCT , IT IS WORTH THE MONEY LOVE IT Looking forward to buy more stuff and make my car laugh of joy,and myself a comfortable and thrilling but safe ride,hope u  understand my feelings!! Cheers!