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 Thermoplastic Urethane Buffer (Set of Four)

Car height/Ground Clearance increase TPU Suspension Buffer With Warranty,Patented Unilateral Reinforced Design,Easy & Quick Slide Fit, Deep Groove Design Secures Rogerab Fitting on Coil Spring (Set of 4 Pcs)

ROGERAB is the best Thermoplastic Urethane Buffer in India provided by Roger Motors.

ROGERAB has Received “Innovative Technical Car Accessory” Award from Gujarat Innovation Society for The Year 2015. Get the best Thermoplastic Urethane Buffer online. It’s the best option for people who have a question about how to increase car suspension height.

ROGERAB DUO (Set of four)

  • Easy to Fit: ROGERAB Thermoplastic Urethane Buffer can be very easily fitted within 20 minutes without using tools or removing any of the suspension parts
  • Enhances Performance of Suspensions: Fitting ROGERAB Thermoplastic Urethane Buffer restores the suspension height by 3-6 cms. Preventing chassis colliding with speed breakers. Also, the raised height reduces pressure on dampers enhancing the ability of driving on bumpy roads.
  • Enhances Cornering Stability: Specially reinforced oval hole design supports the leaning angle of the car on turns and reduces Rolling Pitching in SUVs and MPVs
  • Intermittent Dampener: The transmittance of suspension noise to the chassis reduces due to intermittent dampening effect of ROGERABThermoplastic Urethane Buffer.
  • Interchangeable: ROGERAB Thermoplastic Urethane Buffer is interchangeable in various car models
  • Traction Enhancer: The downward force of the ROGERAB Thermoplastic Urethane Buffer increases the traction of the wheels and enhances the road grip of tyres.
  • Enhances Suspensions Life Span: Fitting ROGERAB Thermoplastic Urethane Buffer on damper coil springs reduces inside hydraulic pressure of dampers and hence increasing the life span of dampers & suspension parts.
  • Designed for Variable Terrains and Cars: Specially designed for cambered and treacherous road conditions and variable diameter and pitched coil springs. Made from very high grade compressional and wear resistance urethane material with years of R & D.
  • Warranty: Replacement warranty of 2 years, replacement warranty against deformation or breakage of ROGERAB Thermoplastic Urethane Buffer

How It Works (Technicality) :

  • It’s a Mechanical Suspension Modulator that restores car’s height
  • It is made from premium polyether material, which retains its dimensions & characteristics on treacherous Indian roads
  • ROGERAB Thermoplastic Urethane Buffer is manufactured with special ‘Stochiometry’ processing conditions, which gives the dual benefit of flexibility and strength
  • It is designed according to ‘Castiglioni’s’ theorem of spring deflection, which reduces suspension coil spring deflections
  • Circumferential re-enforced oval hole design that interferes to uneven road surfaces
  • Due to its concave deep groove design helps in easy fitment & retention
  • It is strut compensator which helps in distribution of road jerks
  • Its extended linear force, increases landing force of tyres
  • ROGERAB Thermoplastic Urethane Buffer is manufactured according to variable coil spring pitches and wire dimensions of Indian cars that helps in customized fit
  • ROGERAB Thermoplastic Urethane Buffer translates Uplift,Downward Force and Thrust in symmetrical proportions.
  • Many people want to know how to increase car suspension height and ROGERAB Thermoplastic Urethane Buffer is the perfect answer of it.

ROGERAB translates Uplift, Downward Force and Thrust in symmetrical proportions.

Drive Long and Drive Bindaas!!

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