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Key Features Prevents Car From Under Body Touching, Reduces Road Jerks & Rolling Pitching
Includes Set of 4 Pcs
Warranty Period 24 Months
Category Safety

 HIGH GRADE TPU (Thermoplastic Urethane Buffer) (Set of 4 Pcs)

Car height/Ground Clearance increase TPU Suspension Buffer With Warranty,Patented Unilateral Reinforced Design,Easy & Quick Slide Fit, Deep Groove Design Secures Rogerab Fitting on Coil Spring (Set of 4 Pcs)

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Do you want a smoother, more comfortable ride?

Look no further than the Rogerab Coil Spring Suspension Buffer! This patented product is made in India and is designed to help keep your coil springs in good condition.

Rogerab Coil Spring Suspension Buffer product increases car height, reduces body rollover in SUV's, and reduces road jerks, making your ride feel like new. Installation assistance is available across India, and we offer a 30-day buy-back guarantee.

The Rogerab Coil Spring Suspension Buffer features a number of benefits that make it a great choice for anyone looking for a way to improve their car's suspension. The buffer is designed to help reduce noise and vibration, and it also helps to protect your coil springs from damage.

Features & Benefits:

Increases car height:  Rogerab Coil Spring Suspension Buffer increases the height of your car, So Cars Doesn’t Touch On Speed breakers & Potholes.

Reduces body rollover:  Rogerab Coil Spring Suspension Buffer reduces body rollover in SUV's, making your ride more comfortable and safe.

Reduces road jerks: Rogerab Coil Spring Suspension Buffer reduces road jerks, making your ride smoother and more comfortable.

Feels like new car suspension: Rogerab Coil Spring Suspension Buffer makes your ride feel like you're driving a new car.

Guarantee: 2 Years


It's good and easy to install.


I came to know about this wonderful product from Facebook, I was bit skeptical but after thorough R&D I got it from Roger motors. All this happened just few day before my trip to Tirthan valley in Himachal where the roads are rough and serpentine As they promised the product reached with express delivery. Lemme tell you all that having it fixed on 6 yrs old xuv 500 gave me the feel of having new vehicle. The body roll was way much less than earlier and ride comfort became awesome....I highly recommend it.


I am already using Roger from last 1 year, and its awesome ????, I have recommended this to all my colleagues and friends and family members.


I have installed it in my Ford ecosport front tyres only (because of its stiff suspension and therefore I used to get much road jerks). Till now, ride has become much smooth & road jerks are 40-50% less. Stability & body roll have improved too. I can feel the difference from my rear suspensions. Within a few weeks, I will surely install it in my rear wheels also.


Many user reviews gave the impression that these kind of cushion buffers are most suited for soft suspension to prevent the suspension sag. In my case, I wanted to have a smoother ride in my latest model Santro (2018 and above), which has somewhat stiff suspension. The stock suspension in latest model Santro is basic in nature, as also mentioned by team bhp official review and I felt every road imperfection, which was bothering me. I wanted to try Rogerab Duo cushion buffer in my Santro and hence I bought (through COD mode) and installed in the month of May 2021 in my 3 months old Santro. The size I received was B (for front) and B+ (for rear) which were PERFECT FIT for the new Santro. I thank Roger motors for sending me the right size! However, I had to remove the front suspension and install the buffer due to limited space in the wheel well (this was not a big issue though). I purchased extra tag to tie up the buffer along with the coil spring (I used 10 tags for each buffer; I wish Roger motors could have sent me more tags (they sent only 8 tags)). After installation, I noticed that the ride became smoother. Not all the jerks are filtered, but I would say about 25 – 30% of jerks are filtered, which is a good thing. To my pleasant surprise, the handling has dramatically improved and I enjoy pushing the car at higher speed (of course, within safe and legal speed limits) through corners. Only after installing this buffer, I realized that even the Santro had exhibited body roll, which I thought only tall SUVs show, and now I really like how the car handles. Every car enthusiast will love this feeling. I have written the above review after installing this buffer and driving for about 150 km in varied road conditions (bad city road and smooth highway). The long-term performance of this buffer is yet to be experienced. The mechanic said, with time, after driving for long distance and time (which is relative), the buffer will get squeezed and will lose the cushioning effect. I might post long-term performance review. This product is worthy to try and should enhance the drive feel (comfort and handling) of the cars having soft or stiff suspension. I wish Roger motors develop cushion buffer that absorbs still more shocks and jerks (probably by making the buffer little more softer and/or increasing the cushion buffer wall thickness little bit more?).


Two week ago installed RogerAb to Honda City. Before installation on majority speed breaker or on pot hole lower body of car touches. After installation problem goes of even with four passengers and CNG kit. Worth for money...Installed two weeks ago, now let's see durability of the product, completed 1000 kms.


My Swift (2013 model) had hard suspension and after installing this product I am quite satisfied as jerks are reduced and ride is smoother now. Person at the shop sold me by assuring that if I don't find the product OK, I can return within 17 days and full money will be credited in your account. Ground clearance has also increased. After looking at the performance, I'm not going to return and take refund. good product.


Good product overall. Made the suspension better and restored ground clearence of my Honda Amaze 2019 model. Feeling confident driving on bad roads.


It is an awesome product. It increases car's ground clearance as well as life of shock absorbed. Easy to install personally and very comfortable while driving.


I fitted Rogerab Duo on my Honda City 2011. My car has completed 1000kms and I feel its the right time to write the review. After fitting, the jerk has definitely reduced. Ground clearance problem is majorly not there. However, on certain very bad unscientific speed breakers of Bangalore, there is still the problem especially when the car is full loaded. Otherwise pretty happy with the purchase. Installation is one of the best things. I got the product delivered and given the address of the workshop where the installation can happen. I called them up, took the vehicle and they fitted it within 15 mins for free of cost.

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