Key Features Prevents Car From Under Body Touching Reduces Rolling Pitching
Includes Set of 4 Pcs
Warranty Period 24 Months
Category Keep it Safe/Protect Your Car

 Thermoplastic Urethane Buffer (Set of Four)

Car height/Ground Clearance increase TPU Suspension Buffer With Warranty,Patented Unilateral Reinforced Design,Easy & Quick Slide Fit, Deep Groove Design Secures Rogerab Fitting on Coil Spring (Set of 4 Pcs)

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ROGERAB is the best Thermoplastic Urethane Buffer in India provided by Roger Motors. It is the best solution to increase car suspension height and prevent damage to chassis and other parts of the car. It makes driving on bumpy roads and potholes a lot more easier, which is perfect given the condition of roads in India during Monsoon.

ROGERAB has Received “Innovative Technical Car Accessory” Award from Gujarat Innovation Society for The Year 2015. Get the best Thermoplastic Urethane Buffer online now!

ROGERAB DUO (Set of four)

  • Easy to Fit: ROGERAB Thermoplastic Urethane Buffer can fit very easily in 20 minutes without using tools or removing any of the suspension parts of your car.
  • Enhances Cornering Stability: Specially reinforced oval hole design supports the leaning angle of the car on turns and reduces Rolling Pitching in SUVs and MPVs
  • Intermittent Dampener: The transmittance of suspension noise to the chassis reduces due to effect of ROGERAB Thermoplastic Urethane Buffer.
  • Interchangeable: ROGERAB Thermoplastic Urethane Buffer is interchangeable in various car models
  • Traction Enhancer: The downward force of the ROGERAB Thermoplastic Urethane Buffer increases the traction of the wheels and enhances the road grip of tyres.
  • Enhances Suspensions Life Span: Fitting ROGERAB Thermoplastic Urethane Buffer on damper coil springs reduces inside hydraulic pressure of dampers and hence increasing the life span of dampers & suspension parts.
  • Designed for Variable Terrains and Cars: Specially designed for withered and treacherous road conditions. Made from very high grade compressional and wear resistance urethane material with years of R & D.
  • Warranty: Replacement warranty of 2 years, replacement warranty against deformation or breakage of ROGERAB Thermoplastic Urethane Buffer

How It Works (Technicality) :

  • ROGERAB Thermoplastic Urethane Buffer is manufactured with special ‘Stochiometry’ processing conditions, which gives the dual benefit of flexibility and strength
  • It is designed according to ‘Castiglioni’s’ theorem of spring deflection, which reduces suspension coil spring deflections
  • Circumferential re-enforced oval hole design that interferes to uneven road surfaces
  • It’s concave and deep groove design helps in easy fitment & retention.
  • It is a strut compensator which helps in distribution of road jerks evenly.
  • Its extended linear force, increases landing force of tyres.
  • ROGERAB Thermoplastic Urethane Buffer is manufactured according to variable coil spring pitches and wire dimensions of Indian cars that helps in customized fit for different car models.

ROGERAB translates Uplift, Downward Force and Thrust in symmetrical proportions keeping your car healthy for longer periods of time.

Drive Long and Drive Bindaas!!


Excellent Product now car ride is very smooth. Specially in city Bangalore where roads are not in good condition, Roger ab helps smooth shocker. I am really enjoying from last one month. It is also maintain the balance in bad road. On Highway it is so controlled car and nice ride.


Amazing product. Improved the height and ride quality of my honda city. Feels like a German vehicle ride. Good customer service and prompt reply regarding the product.


Overall satisfied with the product. Installed in my Honda CRV at dealer's. Service engineer also endorsed...suspension improved and bumps were noticeably reduced and handling became smooth..recommended to my friends..


the best products in the country. The quality of your products are so good that im addicted to your products. customer care is also excellent


Fitted in my Corolla altis car 1.5 months back. Rogerab is working quite well, ground clearance is apparently increased by 2 to 2.5 inches, and just solving the chasis touching problem while crossing bumpers and deep pot holes. Car is more stiffer and integrated than before. Excellent services provided by roger team, hats off. Looking forward to buy some more useful products with them in future.

Buying a four wheeler and maintaining your four wheeler are two different things. Later part is taken care by ROGERS Team. It not only helps you in maintaining your car but also ensures safety of passengers inside the car. I recently purchased my first Second Hand Car - Honda BRIO. After lot's of research, i finally visited Rogers Shop in Ahmedabad - Opp Alpha One Mall Entrance. To my surprise, i was wondering there are so much options/add on's which is required for every car, but people are hardly aware of those things. I made second visit to Rogers Showroom. Next in my list was RogerRab DUO for my CAR - Honda Brio, which is awesome Product. Before i move to review of this product, let me tell you this comes with a warranty of 24 Months / 1 Lakh KM which is absolutely amazing. This is mind-blowing innovative product invented by ROGERS team. Head's off to the inventor of this product. Why did i choose this product - Below are few reasons which prompted me to buy this product - It enhances Road Grip of Tyre, Suspension is improved, No more worries on speed breakers and potholes, no more jerks since i have back pain problem. Installation is pretty simple and done by ROGERS technician person in short time. Post installation , i felt a huge positive difference in my ride, IT became smooth ride and boosted more confidence while driving in speed and through speed breakers. Performance of my car improved drastically. Must buy for all car owners. Thank You Rogers for such a wonderful product.


I did some research on how to increase the car height without compromising the safety & stability of my car. As people living in urban areas also suffer from bumps underneath the car due to illegal humps. So I finally made up my mind to install & see whether the product has live up to its name or not. Installation : I got it done in local garage. It would hardly take 30 mins for installation. Pros : Good Ground clearance. Better road grip & Best stability of the car even at high speeds. Cons: Nothing significant. Overall it is the best product available in the market. I've got it installed on my VW POLO GT TDI car one year back & it drives like a charm ! No recurrent Wheel alignment & Balacing required & car feels always planted to the road & absorbs the bumps very well & less scratches on the underbody & can carry more loads of luggage in back. Conclusion : I've got it installed recently to my Skoda superb L&K car & it's giving the same result as my previous car. Suggestion : Those who are interested in this product can definitely go for this Rogerab Suspension which is worth every penny spent & will recommend to my friends.

Hello,My self Sandeep Yashwant Sahasrabuddhe. I have a Manza Quadra Jet ABS. My brother Mr.Sunil Joshi have a garage in Nashik by the name S P Motors. He suggested me about RogerAb and fitted it to my Manza. The result is awesome.Recently I visited Kokan.The road between Khopoli to Pali was worst as work for fourlane is in progress.The travel without RogerAb would have been more draining.Thanks to RogerAb and it's team to make such a wonderful accessorie. The next day we ordered one more kit for my friends Maruti celerio as he experienced the feeling of RogerAb in my Manza. Thanks to my brother Mr.Sunil Joshi & team of RogerAb.


i have come across by one of my friend about this product and driven my car tiago after fitting this robgear suspension around 1000 Kms on different terrain and result are really praise worthy. i have experienced in increase in height of vehicle , suspension is become very smooth especially in uneven roads. Jerks in ride reduced drastically with this product, one can experience confident drivining in rough road..As a hole i can say this really good product.


I thought I may not need RogerAB for my Renault Captur as it already has higher ground clearance. But then considering its other benefits I went for it. With it now I feel my Captur is a bit sturdier and provides better comfort while taking on bad roads and turns.

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Facebook Reviews

Amith Sandeep


After I got Rogerab fixed to my Honda city Ivtec and I took bumpy road with intent to test these and i could really feel the difference. I Feel the suspension is more sturdy now. Will have to test on highway though to see if the rolling effect still persist. But overall satisfied with product

Ramkrishna Yadav


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Sriram Mallireddy


I got my fiat punto fitted with rogerab, the size is C for rear wheel and B for front wheel. As punto grande has bigger spring coil, rogerab didn't sit properly. But the technician did a great job to fit it. Performance of the car has improved. U will fill a difference in suspension, car will not scrap the speed breakers. High speed confidence, sudden braking u will not fell the brake drag.

Jaison Sunny


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Ravi Varadarajan


Excellent response and service from Mr. Hardik. The product was installed easily and the result is notable immediately.

Mahesh Devani


Tried it on Mahindra XUV 500, the speed humps have really become very smooth after installing rogerab. The body roll has considerably reduced on bumps. XUV was more like Volvo bus, after putting this magical things, it has become more like a luxury car :)

Chandan Kumar Radhakrishna


2012 Duster’s suspension was a bit hard… always wanted a softer and smooth ride quality… Rogerab was the answer that solved my need in few clicks and few minutes with the installation guy… rides are smooth … more confident in high speed cornering (actually I may be repeating their claimed benefits… but all these are true.. so no harm repeating) … only one long drive so far… it also kind of increased the ground clearance.. value for money spent. Thank you! (one point I even thought installing 2 sets of rogerabs to make it even more smoother :P … but then realized it could be over kill :) )

Kunal Dutia


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Dev Malhotra


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Mohan Kumar


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