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ROGER Ventilated Seat Cover (Cooling Cover)

Key Features Sucks Cool Air Conditioned Air And Circulates In Back And Bottom
Warranty Period 12 Months
Category Comfort

₹ 3,849.83

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Car Cooling Seat Cover

Cooling Seat Cover, Sucks Cool Air Conditioned Air And Circulates In Back And Bottom, Universal, Breathable Mesh Fabric, Prevents Sweat In Back And Bottom, Fits On Office Chair Also, Easy Strap Fit, Black Color

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While driving for a long period of time does your hips, thighs and back tends to get sweaty and feel burning sensation? You feel so tired and Restless?

If YES then read on…

Cooling Seat Cover:

In the high temperature, atmosphere, driving for more than 1 or 2 hours continuously or sitting in office chair for several hours continuously, you will start feeling sweaty and tired, just because of less air circulation beneath your hips, thighs and back. Cooling Seat Cover by Roger is the perfect solution to this problem.

Why Cooling seat cover (Benefits):

• Reduces Body Temperature – This cooling seat cover, reduces body temperature, which makes you fresh and relaxes fast and reduces driving fatigue.

• Accordion Style air duct – This cooling covers are equipped with accordion style air ducts, which allow 180 degrees of bi-directional bending. This design allows airflow to travel freely through the flexible ducts to the bottom of the thighs and back pads without blockage. This allows airflow to distribute cool air evenly in the entire back and bottom to cool down the heat.

• Suitable to use in a car seat or office chair – This exclusive product is suitable for any type of automotive seats, or for office chairs. You don’t have to purchase separate products.

• New Inner Seat Padding Material – This cooling cover is made of four inner seat padding layers, which produce three times more airflow to balance human body.

• Logistic air channel structure – The conventional design of cooling cover does not allow weight pressure from the human body to change the airflow. Its conventional design enables to produce the balance of airflow to get equal airflow from all the sides.

• High breathable Mesh fabric – Use of mesh fabric reduces sweaty effects and give you comfort even sitting on it for long hours.

How It Works (Technicality)

• The fan attached to the cooling seat cover draws the cool air from the surroundings.

• The inner structures of this cooling seat cover are a perspective engineering design and logistic features.

• It has four padding layers, which includes double layers of Mesh design.

• The inner air box design consists of hard plastic materials inside. It keeps the stability of airflow into each different wind channel and prevents weight pressure from the human body weights.

• The conventional designs of the air-vent are constructed with 4 different tiers of air-vent, which enable to produce the balance of airflow by three times in contact with human body mass.

• The engineer curvature design allows the powerful air stream to pass through the air chamber completely into the entire air vent to give the best cool air to the human body.

How to use this Product (Method):

Use and installation of Cooling Seat covers are very easy. You must put the seat cover on car or office chair and plug the wire into cigarette lighter socket. And it starts giving you cool air.

So, what are you waiting for? Order this super cool product and get rid of tedious & sweaty long journey.

Please note: To use cooling seat cover in office chair you must use a step-down power inverter.

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