ROGER TPMS RMMD SP. 99 with Patented Two Way Valve System

ROGER TPMS RMMD SP. 99 with Patented Two Way Valve System

Key Features Gives you an alert of puncture, low & High air pressure, high tem.
Includes Display x 1 ,Sensors x 4 ,Uncap Wrench x 1 (for replacing battery) ,Hexagonal Nut x 5 (one for backup) ,Nut Wrench x 1 ,Anti-slip mat x 1 ,Manual x 1
Warranty Period 24 Months
Category Keep it Safe/Protect Your Car


Tyre Pressure Monitor Sensor with Patented Two Way Valve System

Tyre Pressure Monitoring System, Fit It And Forget About The Tyres, Shows Live Tyre Pressure And Temperature Of All The Four Tyres, Gives Immediate Beeping Alert During Puncture, Gives High Temperature Alert And Avoids Blast, Gives Low And High Pressure Alert, DIY, Universal, No wiring, Solar Power Display, Correct Tyre Pressure Increasis Stability, Tyre Life & Mileage.

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Are you looking for a Tyre Pressure Monitor Sensor which gives you an alert of puncture, low air pressure, high temperature (tyre burst situation) and above all accurate tyre pressure while your car is running at high speed?

If your answer is Yes, then read on…

Puncture & Tyre Blast Safety

ROGER TYREMATES is the best Tyre Pressure Monitor Sensor in India. During the summer car accident, due to tyre pressure is common. To avoid this problem, Roger suggests ROGER TYREMATES. The TYREMATES, comes with an alert system with 4 external sensors, this is a product that indicates live tyre pressures and alerts you when pressure reduces or increases. Get the best Tyre Pressure Monitor Sensor online from Roger Motors.



Knowing tyre pressures and temperatures are as important as knowing oil pressure and engine temperature of your engine.

The ROGER TYREMATES in your vehicle warns you that at least one or more tyres are significantly improperly-inflated, possibly creating unsafe driving conditions.

The ROGER TYREMATES comes with 4 screws on sensors and a Solar Power Display that shows in real time the current tyre pressures of all 4 tires in the PSI format in a circular scrolling motion. This advanced system gives a low-pressure alert, puncture alert, overpressure alert, and high-temperature alert.  The air pressure of all the four tyres is visible inside the car.


During summer, car tyre air pressure is crucial. Long road trips with humongous loads and high temperatures can stress your car tyres to the max.

And, obviously, if the tyres go, you go!  During the summer car accident, due to tyre pressure is common. To avoid this problem, Roger suggests Tyre Pressure Monitor Sensor. The ROGER TYREMATES, comes with an alert system with 4 external sensors, this is a product that indicates live tyre pressures and alerts you when pressure reduces or increases.

Accurately maintained tyre pressure not only increases fuel average and tyre life but also enhances stability, braking efficiency and suspension life.

It reduces road shocks and rolling & pitching. Helps in averting accidents during high-speed panic braking by stabilizing the car. This advanced system gives a low-pressure alert, puncture alert, overpressure alert, and high-temperature alert. The air pressure and Temperature of all the four tyres are visible inside the car. Need not to constantly monitor the display screen to check the air pressure, As ROGER TYREMATES in your vehicle warns you that at least one or more tyres are significantly improperly-inflated, possibly creating unsafe driving conditions..In the new generation, tubeless tyre puncture in running vehicle is difficult to determine. But due to TYREMATES, at the time of puncture, instantly the display will inform that in which tyre the puncture has occurred.

In case tyre is overinflated and the pressure moves on to the danger zone, so the beep alert will give intimation to reduce tyre pressure, else it may go blast. In case of over temperature, when the temperature reaches to 80 degrees Celsius, the TYREMATES alerts about Over Temperature and averts the tyre blast. In manual gauge, there are chances of error, but this is digitally calibrated so it will never show wrong pressure. The fitment does not require any wiring. Easily Transferable to any other car.In Mahindra, VW, Audi, BMW, Mercedes etc. car companies provide this type of device as an O.E.

This device is mandatory in US & Europe since 2007 keeping in mind safety, comfort & mileage benefit. Above and all- it can be fitted by own and does not require any wiring and it is Theft proof due to its specially designed check nuts. The device shows all four tyre’s air pressure and Temperature together on display at the same time.

The TYREMATES system will show you temperature of all four tyre’s on the device display at the same time.NO WHEEL BALANCING IS REQUIRED. This is direct TYREMATES system, uses pressure monitoring sensors within each tyre that monitor specific pressure levels. It is very accurate, compared to indirect monitoring systems. It works on a radioactive system so no wiring required.

The sensors of ROGER TYREMATES even provide tyre temperature readings.ROGER TYREMATES sensors send all this data to a centralized control module inside monitor where it’s analyzed, interpreted, and, if tire pressure is lower than it should be, transmitted directly to your display unit, where the indicator light illuminates and beep alert is given. Each sensor has a unique serial number. This is how the system distinguishes the pressure readings for each individual type batteries in the sensors usually last for a very long time. And it is easily replaceable.

It is digitally calibrated so never shows wrong pressure is very simple to use, all the four screws on sensors need to fit on all the four tyre valves just like valve caps. The display Unit is easily fixed on the Dashboard with the help of Dual Adhesive tape. You can fit your ROGER TYREMATES yourself in just five minutes.

This device is recommended by a Senior IPS Officer of Gujarat Dr. K.L.N. Rao to use it on all the vehicles for the safety. As mentioned above it is mandatory in many countries.

So, what you are waiting for, order online or visit Any of the Roger Car Techssories Show Room and book your ROGER TYREMATES now.

Drive Long and Drive Bindaas!!!


I am using air sensor and air pump of your company . It is found very useful and of very good quality.I am fully satisfied with the product.


Best good prodak


I am a long standing customer of Roger Motors,  for the past 2 years. I have purchased many products like 3 Rogerabs, 2 Cushsports etc. etc. Recently I purchased 2TPMS for my Amaze and quanto cars. I was guided very well by your technician in installing and programming it. The product is working well and is very useful. Unfortunately one sensor in my Amaze car malfunctioning and develop leaking.I immediately contacted your person Mr. Divayarajsinghji and apprised him of the urgent situation and as I was going on urgent 1000km drive with family. He immediately understood my situation and provided excellent customer service by sending a new sensor which reached me very quickly. I couriered him the faulty sensor after my journey. As a customer I am extremely happy and appreciate your organization's professionalism. Also I must appreciate the way your person taken care of my request and I must say you are blessed with such good customer service executives. Three cheers to Roger Motors,  Hip Hip Hooray.Looking forward to a long and fruitful relationship in the coming years.


Yesterday I was at Ahmedabad on a visit; and one of my friends took me to your showroom in the city.I was impressed by 3 things:1. A number of small but significant innovations that solve customer issues- like the Tyre Monitoring system 2. Very well trained and competent staff who were able to answer all questions and effectively demonstrate or communicate the features and benefits 3. Well designed and packaged Equipments; though manufactured in China; look very aesthetic I purchased your Tyre monitoring system and your Suspension cushioning rings. As I live in Mumbai, your staff promised me service here today to fit the equipment. And as promised, without any follow up from my side, your technician Rehmat visited today and completed the fitment. He even refused a cash tip, politely saying it was against Core values of your company. I compliment you on the entire experience you have designed for the customer and urge you to continue these high standards.


Thanks to Roger motors for making a product like 'Roger tyremates with tronic I had purchased it on 13th October 2017 from your gondal - rajkot roger branch. I had drived continously my NEW Maruti Swift Desire to Surat from rajkot. I had an wonderful time with this product. As it shows tyre pressure while driving and also it shows the temperature of  tyre . Totally it reduces the risk of tyre burst and puncture as it gives before the information of what is happening down the car while driving for a long drive. It was an incredible  journey with drive long medulia which enables us to be steady without leaving us tired . And also thanks to roger CD .It has good songs and driving tips in it. With the help of this tyremate product - i am able to maintain mileage. As my car has reached a mileage  has reached from 25 km/l to 30 km/l and too it has been even 


It has been a while that I have been using ur products and these are high useful cum important products for our cars. I have using ur Roger engine tech in all my 4 cars. It is really good and it really works. Wat matters is quality and engineering that goes behind these products. I have already purchased your TPMS And seems it will be a far more useful product than it actually seems in real life.Hope this product range keep increasing in near future


In my fortuner i have futted tpms And it was always a problem to set air in all tyer and specialy when out of town But this new prodact is very good and just made for me Always apriciat your product but this one is really very usefull so one more reason to have faith in roger motar But sir why there is no choklet in the store


I my self suraj vimalji Valiyaveetil recieved your product roger tyremates tpms and i received  the product on time and second thing all this days by my experience the product is worth for money and no doubt i have also used carster cleaning brush and it is also mind blowing and i have suggested many friends about all your products and my experiences and last not the least your sales executive mr hardik has guided me very well. Thanks for your good quality products and your support.


Dear Sir I am using your tyre pressure sensor. Car air purifier for the last many years without any problem. I also appreciate your post sale service it's really good. Mr. Jatin Patel is always there to help. Recently i purchased Rogers electric wrench with electric car lifting jack. I tried these on my Mercedes 250 E class just to check are they really work? They really work without any effort & I found it's very easy to operate for a senior citizens like me.



Hi, I had visited your showroom at Foodhub on the Mumbai ahmedab highway, I got to see really innovative products,i have also bought car tyre mate and arm rest at ur showroom really amazing service by  rehmat & yash bhai excellent service highly recommended!

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Good product. Must for people who care their tyres.

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I am using this product from last one year and I am highly satisfied with it.

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