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Key Features Tyre Inflator With Digitally Calibrated Pressure Gauge12v
Warranty Period 24 Months
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Electronic Tyre Inflator & Air Compressor

Tyre Inflator With Digitally Calibrated Pressure Gauge12v, Wear Resistant Ceramic Coated Piston, 90 PSI Capacity,Very Useful During Pin Hole Punctures, Compact & Rugged, Universal For Cars, Bikes & SUVS, A Must For All Car Owners

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Roger MINI AIR COMP Tyre Inflator RM150TP is a very useful and handy digital automatic car tyre inflator & Air Compressor pump, specially designed to help you in the emergency situations as well as for regular tyre pressure maintenance. MINI AIR COMP is the Best Tyre Inflator Online in India from Roger Motors. Get the best portable tyre inflator online.

Inflate efficiency – Time to inflate tyre (DC 12V Full 195/65R15 tyre from 0-35 PSI) 13 minutes approx

Did you ever require portable tyre inflator or Air compressor on the middle of nowhere or on long road trips when your car’s tyre got punctured and you felt helpless?

For regular tyre pressure checking do you have to waste more time finding places? Do you trust non-calibrated tyre gauges on petrol pumps and at puncturewalas? Do you ever think of your personal portable Air Compressor with pressure gauge?

If your answer is NO, then also read this further…

MINI AIR COMP (Portable Tyre Inflator)

Tyre Air Compressor pump:

Roger MINI AIR COMP Tyre Inflator RM150TP is a very useful and handy digital automatic car tyre inflator & Air Compressor pump, specially designed to help you in the emergency situations as well as for regular tyre pressure maintenance.

Why MINI AIRCOMP (Benefits):

●      Digital Gauge: MINI AIRCOMP Portable Tyre Inflator comes with digital gauge. So, it shows digital figure in a gauge, which is one of the best features of this product and it is 100% accurately calibrated.

●      Useful in Puncture: If there is a puncture in your car tyre, you just inflate it with MINI AIRCOMP Portable Tyre Inflator and you can easily drive for next 50-60 kilometers, where you can find tyre maintenance shop.

●      For Regular Tyre Pressure Maintenance: Not only in the emergency situations, but this product is helpful for regular day to day tyre pressure maintenance

●      Accurate Tyre Pressure: The air pressure gauge available at petrol pumps and at roadside puncture shops are most of the times found not calibrated properly, so you will never get an accurate result out of it. Thus, it is advisable to keep this product handy, so that it will help in inflating tyre as well as it will help in showing you the correct result of tyre pressure. This gauge required to calibrate only after used for 5000 times.

●      Sturdy and Compact Design: This is a very sturdy device, so it does not damage, if it falls or get pressed between the luggage. Moreover, due to its compact design, it can be easily kept in the car’s trunk, without blocking any extra space.

●      Multipurpose: You can use this product for inflating Motorbike tyre, cycle tyre as well as inflating football etc., Special attachments are supplied with this product, which can be used for different purposes.

●      Long Life & Zero Maintenance: A piston used in this product is a ceramic coated piston, so its life is long and you can use this product consistently for a long time without maintenance.

How It Works (Technicality):

●      Powered by a 12V DC (in car) cigarette lighter socket

●      Strong and sturdy body reduces additional vibration and noise.

●      Fast air filling which saves your time and can fill the air in a standard 14 inch tyre in just 4 to 5 minutes.

●      07 Feet long power cord can easily reach all the 5 tyres of Car, including spare wheel in the car’s trunk.

●      Different types of nozzle allow filling air in tyres of car, bike, cycle, inflatable mattress and football etc.

How to Use This Product (Method):

This MINI AIRCOMP Portable Tyre Inflator is very easy to use, as you just must plug its power socket into the lighter holder, screw on its pipe with tyre, set the pressure in gauge and switch ON this gadget. It will start inflating air into the tyre. With its 10-Feet long wire you will easily take this compressor near any of your car tyre, including spare wheel. You just have to start it and once the pressure reaches the desired pressure shut it OFF by pressing OFF switch.

The rugged molded handle, large dial gauge make this 12 Volt inflator a powerful solution for both emergencies and regular tyre maintenance use. So, what are you waiting for, just order it online and you will get delivery at your doorstep within stipulated time. Purchase this product and your driving confidence will be increased several folds.

Drive Long and Drive Bindaas!!


THE PRODUCT ID AWESOME FILLS AIR FROM 7 TO 32 PSI IN 2 min flat sound is at acceptable level looks robust



Overall I am very satisfied with the product. Already recommended it to one of my neighbour who has also bought it and is very happy with the performance. Not only i use it on emergency situations but even on a weekly basis to check my car tyre pressures. Rigid construction and solid performance. Worth the money.

Buying a four wheeler and maintaining your four wheeler are two different things. Later part is taken care by ROGERS Team. It not only helps you in maintaining your car but also ensures safety of passengers inside the car. I recently purchased my first Second Hand Car - Honda BRIO. After lot's of research, i finally visited Rogers Shop in Ahmedabad - Opp Alpha One Mall Entrance. To my surprise, i was wondering there are so much options/add on's which is required for every car, but people are hardly aware of those things. I made my first purchase with Tyre Air Pump RM 150TP - Easy to use and which definitely is a key support during emergency (Puncture/Low air..) Also i believe in all Petrol pump air pressure gauge will be different which could hamper your Tyre condition over a long run. Now it is a peace of mind with this wonderful, compact and innovative product from ROGERS. This is a must buy for every Car owner, I bet you wont regret. Kudos to Rogers Team.


A good work . I congratulate you on your new innovations.


A good work Electronic Tyre Inflator & Air Compressor


Today from ahmedabad showroom I have purchased:1. Bottle holders 2. Neck port 3. Car cleaner 4. Air pump with light 5 arm Rest 6 car perfume 7 interior cleaner All the products are very nice

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