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Key Features Tyre Inflator With Analog Pressure Gauge 12v. Tested By WIKA Instruments
Warranty Period 12 Months
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Electronic Tyre Inflator & Air Compressor

Tyre Inflator With Analog Pressure Gauge 12v, Wear Resistant Ceramic Coated Piston, 75 PSI Inflatable Pressure,Very Useful During Pin Hole Punctures, Compact & Rugged, Universal For Cars, Bikes & SUVS, A Must For All Car Owners

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Roger MINI AIR COMP Tyre Inflator RM150TP is a very useful and handy Analog car tyre inflator & Air Compressor pump, specially designed to help you in the emergency situations as well as for regular tyre pressure maintenance. MINI AIR COMP is the Best Tyre Inflator Online in India from Roger Motors. Get the best portable tyre inflator online.


Rated voltage ● DC-12V

No Load Current ● < 5AMP +/- 2AMP

Full load current ● 10A +/- 2A

Maximum pressure ● 150 PSI +/- 20 PSI

Flow Pressure ● 150 PSI

Inflatable Pressure ● 75 PSI

Inflate efficiency ● Time to inflate tyre (DC 12V full 185/70R13 tyre from 0-35 PSI) 5 minutes approx

Continuous working time ● At 35 PSI pressure gauge 15 minutes

Gauge ● Analog

Light ● 3 LEDs (Continue, Blinking)

Dimensions ● 170 high x 70 deep x 213 wide (mm)

Accessories ● Balloon adaptor 1 piece, ball adaptor 1 piece.

Wire outer length ● 2750 mm +/- 10 mm

Hose outer length ● 570 +/- 10 mm

Weight ● 1080 kg

Working temperature ● -10°C - +  60°C

How to Use This Product (Method):

  • Plugs directly into vehicles 12V DC Cigarette lighter socket.
  • Includes extendable power cable.
  • Digital tyre pressure gauge with preset & automatic shut down function.
  • Built-in ultra bright LED work light.
  • Air hose with screw on valve connector.
  • Contains two nozzle adaptors & handy storage box.

    Drive Long and Drive Bindaas!!


THE PRODUCT ID AWESOME FILLS AIR FROM 7 TO 32 PSI IN 2 min flat sound is at acceptable level looks robust



Overall I am very satisfied with the product. Already recommended it to one of my neighbour who has also bought it and is very happy with the performance. Not only i use it on emergency situations but even on a weekly basis to check my car tyre pressures. Rigid construction and solid performance. Worth the money.

Buying a four wheeler and maintaining your four wheeler are two different things. Later part is taken care by ROGERS Team. It not only helps you in maintaining your car but also ensures safety of passengers inside the car. I recently purchased my first Second Hand Car - Honda BRIO. After lot's of research, i finally visited Rogers Shop in Ahmedabad - Opp Alpha One Mall Entrance. To my surprise, i was wondering there are so much options/add on's which is required for every car, but people are hardly aware of those things. I made my first purchase with Tyre Air Pump RM 150TP - Easy to use and which definitely is a key support during emergency (Puncture/Low air..) Also i believe in all Petrol pump air pressure gauge will be different which could hamper your Tyre condition over a long run. Now it is a peace of mind with this wonderful, compact and innovative product from ROGERS. This is a must buy for every Car owner, I bet you wont regret. Kudos to Rogers Team.


A good work . I congratulate you on your new innovations.


A good work Electronic Tyre Inflator & Air Compressor


Today from ahmedabad showroom I have purchased:1. Bottle holders 2. Neck port 3. Car cleaner 4. Air pump with light 5 arm Rest 6 car perfume 7 interior cleaner All the products are very nice

2 + 2 = ?

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