Key Features Static Car Curtain,No Vaccum Cups,Blocks UV Infrared And Heat
Warranty Period 13 Months
Category Keep Yourself Safe


Static Car Curtain

Sunshades 2 Pcs, No Vaccum Cups, Strong Static Sticking, Easy To Stick And Remove, Blocks UV Infrared And Heat, Sticking Guarantee

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Heat Out:

Whether you are on a road trip or just a jaunt across town, these Roger Shades give you a cool, comfortable ride in seconds.

The durable, Soft-Twist Safety Frame folds easily for storage and when you are ready for some shade, Blocking over 90% of harmful UV rays—without blocking your view.

The lightweight design makes it simple to install, remove and reuse and the two extra-large shades give you flexible options so you can be sure you’ve got things covered.

Blocks over 90% of harmful UV rays

Roger shade design’s lightweight

Fits universaly

Drive Long and Drive Bindaas!!!


I personally from the very first day I purchased my Swift Sure car I am using Roger products such as Shock absorber, Front side seats covers, Engitech Fuel, UV protected sun guard sticker on the window mirrors, Diesel Additive, Mobile phone holder, Rubber Wiper & Wiper blade holder so that the life of Rubber of wiper is long.I am extremely pleased with your products and also suggested to many people for using your products and  they have already started using your products.I hope your products are extremely useful and durable for cars.Thanking you and assuring you of my best cooperation for your products in future.

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