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Key Features Water,Dirt and Oil Repellent Improves glass visibility Universal and Easy to use
Category Safety

₹ 960.00

Antiscratch H2O Repellent

Roger Clascoat Antiscratch H2O Repellent

ROGER GLASCOAT Antiscratch H2O Repellent


  • ​Glascoat makes fine Nano Meter layer on the glass which prevents the scratches on the windshield glass while cleaning.
  • ​Repels water from windshield glass during rain.
  • While cleaning the glass, it is very easy to clean windshield glass as water immediately drain from the glass due to water repellence effect.


Effect of Glascoat lasts upto 5000 wiper movement or till 100 times glass is cleaned


STEP 1 :

1. First apply Glascoat Antiscratch by taking small amount of glascoat Antiscratch in wipe and few drops of water into it
2. Apply it on the glass in verticalposition from top to bottom of glass.
3. Now clean the glass again with wipe with little amount of water and let the glass completely dry.

STEP 2 :

1. When glass is completely dry, apply Roger's Glascoat H2O Repellent formula.
2.  Take small amount of Glascoat H2O Repellent Formula on the wipe and apply on glass in circular motion.
3. Once it is applied on full glass, let the glass get completely dry for 10 minutes.
4. Now you can Drive Bindaas with clear vision.

Drive Long and Drive Bindaas!!!


The coating gives clear vision at night during rains, brings in much safety. you can see the roads crystal clear.

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