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Key Features Vacuum Suction Cup Mobile Holder
Warranty Period 6 Months
Category Convenience

₹ 1560.00

Car Mobile Holder


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1.    Vacuum Suction Cup Mobile Holder : This device fits on the plan dashboard or windshield glass of the car.

2.    Flexible Grip : Due to slider grip, the mobile can be easily placed by crossing the grip, and automatically grip gets tightened and mobile gets held firmly.

3.    Quick Release Lock : It is equipped with quick release lock, which helps in attaching and detaching mobile holder very easily.

4.    Shockproof Design : Due to its unique design prepared with fiber slider and rubber pads, it absorbs the shocks in rough roads and holds the mobile firmly so that it will not slide from the grip.

5.    Easy Adjustment : The head of the holder is attached with a swivel ball, so it allows a 360 rotating function, an up-and-down controlling function easily.

6.    Universal Size : Smartphones of 55-90 mm width can be easily mounted on this holder

Drive Long & Drive Bindaas!!!.


I am a regular customer of your super successful products.I have been a fan of your products.They are really really good.Sun shades are extraordinary.I have used your vacuum cleaner. Car pounch, car dusters, air ventilated seat covers and many other small products like phone stand, water container, etc....Today I got suspension savers fixed in my car. Each n every product has given me comfort and they r useful. I had one petty small demand from you. The music CDs we get from Rogers are nowadays unuseful for those who have new cars. Because in many new cars they do not provide cd slots. And the songs Rogers choose are also good. We get fun listening to yr collection of songs as well, including yr roger car accessories vaali jingle...So now you should switch to pen drive ... so that we can play it in new cars also.


I personally from the very first day I purchased my Swift Sure car I am using Roger products such as Shock absorber, Front side seats covers, Engitech Fuel, UV protected sun guard sticker on the window mirrors, Diesel Additive, Mobile phone holder, Rubber Wiper & Wiper blade holder so that the life of Rubber of wiper is long.I am extremely pleased with your products and also suggested to many people for using your products and  they have already started using your products.I hope your products are extremely useful and durable for cars.Thanking you and assuring you of my best cooperation for your products in future.


Purchased key cover, seat pouch ,air pump,mobile holder. Got demo of all product provided good assitance in showing demo. Would love to visit soon and buy more intresting and useful stuff. Great quality and good service.

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