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Car Armrest with Storage

Armrest With Storage, DIY or Can Be Fitted By Any Garage Technician, Extra Soft Leather, Adjustable Arm Length

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Do you wish to give more rest and comfort to your Left Arm while driving?

Do you find problem in keeping wallet, mobile or miscellaneous things in the car?

CUSHARM armrest is a very comfortable accessory regardless of the car model you have. CUSHARM is extremely easy to install by following the instructions included and should not take more than 20 minutes! Get the best armrest for car seat online from Roger Motors.

Generally, while driving a car left arm gets much tired, because in left side you don’t have any support which gives rest to left arm. In this case Cusharm (Arm Rest) in a car proved an ideal and much needed accessory. How often have you lost something in your car, and then spent lots of your valuable time trying to find it? This is a general problem in all small and even in big cars, to keep small and handy things like wallet, mobile or other miscellaneous things. Roger Techssories has found a solution to these problems; fitting a CUSHARM armrest in your car. You are thinking how will resting arm prevent from losing money down the side of the seat? The answer is easy; the CUSHARM (Arm Rest) will not only allow you to rest your arm whilst driving but it also features a storage space. Just lift up the top of the CUSHARM armrest and underneath is a small storage compartment, ideal for keeping all those small items like wallet & mobile phone that would normally cause such a problem when they slip down the side of the seat.

Why Roger CUSHARM (Benefits):

Arm Rest: It gives rest to your arm while driving a car. It helps in frequent gear changing and gives support, so that the arm does not pain during long journey.

Eco-soft Anti Perspirant Leather: Even during the long journey due to the anti perspirant leather and eco-soft material your arm won’t get sweaty and effect of cushion remains for a longer period of time.
Adjustable for More Comfort: According to the level of your arm, you can slide and adjust the Arm Rest of CUSHARM. If you don’t want to use it, then you can unfold it also.

Easy to Fit: It can be mounted very easily, without making any alteration in your car’s console.

Extra Soft Cushion: It has a 20 mm extra soft cushion, which gives soft comfort to your arm.

How It Works (Technicality):

The CUSHARM Arm Rest console is mounted directly onto the seat frame.
Broad and wide enough for offering the driver and passanger a comfortable support for their arms!
Offering extra valuable storage in the car thanks to the integrated storage box
Offering optimal ergonomics at all times, as it always follows the driver, no matter how close he/she sits to the steering wheel, and how high/low they want to adjust the seat!
No extra drilling of holes, the seat remains in the car at all times
Installation time approx. just 20-30 minutes

How to use this Product (Method):

Roger CUSHARM armrest is a simple Arm Rest device, offering extra storage console underneath for miscellaneous storage. A CUSHARM armrest can enhance occupant comfort. This sliding Arm Rest device is very useful for the driver’s left arm. CUSHARM armrest is a best aftermarket product for those cars, not having this comfort device provided by the car companies. Thus, just don’t close this computer or mobile window after reading it. Order this useful comfort product. By using such ultimate comfort product driving and travelling pleasure & confidence will increase several folds.

Drive Long and Drive Bindaas!!

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