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Key Features For Use With All Diesel Engines. Improved Cetane Rating (100 ML)
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For Use With All Diesel Engines. Improved Cetane Rating


  1. Cetane booster
  2. Improves cold start
  3. Reduces wear
  4. Protects the environment by improved combustion
  5. Reduces fuel consumption
  6. Increases engine performance
  7. Cleans the fuel system, keeps injection jets clean
  8. Protects against corrosion
  9. Reduces harmful substance in the exhaust
  10. Reduces knocking & wear

    C10 Diesel Fuel Additive Must Be Added Every 5000 Km To Remove Formation Of Carbon Soot In Fuel Injectors.


    May cause lung damage if swallowed. Repeated exposure may cause skin dryness or crack. keep away from children. Do not breathe vapor. Avoid contact with skin. If swallowed, do not induce vomiting: seek medical advice immediately and show this bottle or label.

    Avoid release to the environment. Refer to special instructions/data Sheets.


Excellent product


I have used this product for first time for my MAHINDRA XUV 500 W8 Model Diesel Varient. After using it i have seen improvement in the fuel efficency shown in the infotainment system of my SUV. Good Product. Will surely buy one again. Good work Roger


I am feeling happy and satisfied with the product and services.


Very good and efective product


Awesome product. I used it for Diesel in my VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 2012 TDI... It got more smoother and more response from low downs engine noise and make it more punchy and improved mileage too....


I have been using Roger car products for quite some time and am happy to endorse their usefulness. My Nano car was fitted with Rogerab in June 2016. Then I purchased Roger back rest and tyre airpressure unit and engine oil additive. I am happy with all the above products. Recently on 24-10-18 my car Indica Vista was fitted with Rogerab Duo.This product has been improved with latest technology by your company.With the latest advancement in technology I would like to get rogerab replaced by rogerab duo in my nano car.


Good work and after use my car very smooth ,go ahead 'Roger'


I purchase roger  C10 at Karjan Toll Naka and now my car is runned above 500 km and I feel very happy because the engine is totally changed it's very smooth and drive is enjoyable thanks roger for making such product As a fuel additive I was too surprise to drive after just 400 km and I feel the change after IIT because when I get tank ful diesel of Hyundai I20 diesel and Roger C10 I feel free to drive the car and its to smoothening and noiseless


I personally from the very first day I purchased my Swift Sure car I am using Roger products such as Shock absorber, Front side seats covers, Engitech Fuel, UV protected sun guard sticker on the window mirrors, Diesel Additive, Mobile phone holder, Rubber Wiper & Wiper blade holder so that the life of Rubber of wiper is long.I am extremely pleased with your products and also suggested to many people for using your products and  they have already started using your products.I hope your products are extremely useful and durable for cars.Thanking you and assuring you of my best cooperation for your products in future.


Those are just Fabulous Prodects giving fantastic Results.I really appreciate with your entire Products.Congratulations n thank you for the unbelievable Products.

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