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Key Features Only Protects Car From Underbody Scraping & In SUV Only Reduces Rolling Pitching
Includes Set of 4 Pcs
Warranty Period 12 Months
Category Safety

TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer Buffer) (Set of 4 Pcs)

Buffertek TPE Suspension Buffer is useful for only Increase Car Ground Clearance & In SUV Reduces Rolling Pitching. (Set of 4 Pcs)

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Buffertek is the best Thermoplastic elastomer Buffer in India. Buffertek is scientifically developed for cambered indian road conditions. It is the best solution to increase car suspension height and prevent damage to under chassis and other parts of the car. It makes driving on bumpy roads and pot holes much more easier.

Easy to Fit: BUFFERTEK Thermoplastic elastomer Buffer can fit very easily in 20 minutes without using tools or removing any of the suspension parts of your car.

Intermittent Dampener: The transmittance of suspension noise to the chassis reduces due to effect of BUFFERTEK Thermoplastic elastomer Buffer.

Interchangeable: BUFFERTEK Thermoplastic elastomer Buffer is interchangeable in various car models.

Warranty: Replacement warranty of 1 year, replacement warranty against deformation or breakage of BUFFERTEK Thermoplastic elastomer Buffer.

Drive Long and Drive Bindaas!!


1. Drive carefully for atleast first 100 kms as it will take time to synchronize with car after installing Buffertek.
2. As exposed to environment Buffertek may turn yellow and get hard/stiff over a period of time and may break or crack.
3. It is advisable to have a periodic check as Buffertek May slide down while car going through deep potholes and large speedbreakers.
4. Fitting of Buffertek may increase stiffness of suspension if the tyre pressures are incorrect or tyre worn out or the suspension is weak.

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